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About Bankruptcy Trustee Edmonton:

Bankruptcy is a legal process federally regulated and governed by Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”). The intent of this ACT is to allow an honest but unfortunate debtor the right to be relieved of most debts and given an opportunity for a fresh financial start. The Act also governs creditors rights to ensure that the creditors are treated fairly and equally in the process.

In Canada the only licensed individual who can oversee the personal bankruptcy process is a Trustee in Bankruptcy. At Goth & Company not only are we Trustees in Bankruptcy, but we are also Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals. As Trustees and Insolvency Professionals in Edmonton, we can outline all of your debt repayment options from personal bankruptcy to a debt pooling and repayment plan called a consumer proposal.

In today’s fast paced economy and busy lives, sometime your debt levels can unexpectedly spin out of control. If you find that you are uncertain about your financial options, the first step is to call us for a FREE CONSULTATION. We specialize in assessing debtor’s financial health, and the sooner you address your situation, the sooner we help you take control.

Our team of Insolvency Professionals has the experience and training to help you change your start to take charge of your financial situation. If you are in Edmonton and find that you may need the services of a bankruptcy trustee, calling Goth & Company is the first step towards peace of mind and a fresh new financial future. We are conveniently located in Edmonton, servicing areas such as Lacombe, Edson, Hinton, Wetaskiwin, Lloydminster, Drayton Valley and Cold Lake. The help you need is just around the corner.

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